About the NMCN

As we move into our second full year of operation, the Northern Michigan Conservation Network will begin to broaden its messaging as it relates to our goal of “Connecting conservation-minded hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts to the issues facing Michigan’s forests, waters and wildlife.”  NMCN 2.0, if you will.

As most of our subscribers know, due to the conservation-intensive legislative agenda which existed here in Michigan during the 2012 session, we spent much of our time commenting on and responding to these issues.

Although it remains our intention to continue to disseminate information and opinions on relevant legislative and natural resource agency issues, our readership is also comprised of those who have a connection to the outdoors which goes beyond that which is happening in Lansing and Washington, D.C.

To that end, we have invited a number of new content contributors to provide columns not only on the relevant issues, but provide an informational commentary on the forests, waters and wildlife themselves.

Past site content providers include:

  • Drew YoungeDyke
  • Marc Smith (Senior Policy Manager, National Wildlife Federation)
  • David Smethurst (past Chair, Michigan Trout Unlimited, Pigeon River Advisory Council)
  • Carol Moncrieff Rose (Contributing Editor)
  • Whit Fosburgh (President & CEO, TRCP)
  • Hal Herring (Outdoor Writer – courtesy of Field & Stream)
  • Paul Rose (NMCN, Senior Editor)
  • Kay Charter (Executive Director, Saving Birds Thru Habitat)
  • Elaine Carlson (Retired MDNR Wildlife Biologist)

As in the past, if you have conservation-related news or information that you would prefer to pass on privately, please send us an email or ask us to contact you.  Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Paul Rose, NMCN Senior Editor

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