Ask Your Senator to Vote NO on Amendment to DNR Funding Bill

Enforcement of the Invasive Species Order (ISO) for Russian wild boars

The full Senate is poised to vote on the budget bill containing the DNR’s annual appropriations, possibly even today.

We are told that Senator Booher (R-Evart) intends to offer an amendment to SB 960 which will prohibit the DNR from expending money to enforce the ISO prohibiting possession of Russian Wild Hogs.

MUCC’s members passed policies back in 2008 that instructed us to be aggressive in dealing with the threat of invasive wild boars; thus, we have been supportive of the Invasive Species Order as it has been the only means presented that will effectively prevent the establishment of wild hogs on the landscape. The ISO took effect October 1, 2011 and the DNR has taken a measured approach in enforcing the order, having only started on April 1, 2012 (click here for an update on DNR enforcement actions).

This is an unwarranted attempt by this legislator to try and undermine and overturn the ISO.

Please call your Senator today and ask them to vote against the “Booher amendment” to the appropriations bill so that the DNR can continue to enforce the State’s prohibition on possession of Russian Wild Hogs.

This is the last stand.  If we can defeat this amendment on a record roll call vote, we can use it in the future to show the Senate leadership that the support is not there in the caucus.  Conversely, if we fail, opponents of the order will continue to draw this debate out.

Please call your Senator this morning and report back with any results or responses.


Thank you,

The MUCC Policy Team

Amy Trotter, Resource Policy Manager

Kent Wood, Legislative Affairs Manager

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