Thanks To All

November 30, 2014


I suspect keeping up with a blog-site is not unlike the famous “owning a boat” analogy where the two happiest days of ownership are the first and last.

As some may have noticed, in recent months the NMCN site has not been as active as it has in the past. This has been largely due to personal reasons and a series of events which have caused us to reassess the need for this initiative. Although the issues which have occupied the pages of this website are likely to resurface again over time, it has become necessary for us to leave it to others to do the “heavy lifting” on such matters.

Thankfully, here in Michigan we are blessed with no shortage of dedicated sportsmen/conservationists who are better positioned to continue to deliver these messages in a more effective manner that are we – leaving us to conclude that one less voice is unlikely to be missed.

Although we’re not entirely going away, our commitment to the regular development of original content will be ending. While one should never say “never,” at least for foreseeable future we will be leaving these issues to others to advance and debate.

We would, however, like to thank all who have supported this site through their contributions of written content, “insider tips,” and topic suggestions. Still others are owed a debt of thanks for their counsel, editorial review and comment.

For these and other reasons it has become a good time to refresh our memory as to why we love northern Michigan and the best way to do that is through total immersion. As one chapter ends, another begins.

Our thanks, again.

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